Michael's Gift  dedicated to healing from trauma

"As human beings, our greatness lies
not so much in being able to remake
the world, as in being able to remake

Michael’s Gift is founded on a vision of personal healing and transformation that creates the foundation for true global change.  This vision is reflected in our threefold mission: research, education and delivery of cutting edge trauma resolution therapy. 

Our programs provide professional training in the mental health and related fields, education to the public at large on the nature and impact of trauma, innovative research documenting the profound healing abilities of the body-mind and the delivery of trauma resolution therapy to a broad spectrum of individuals in need of healing and empowerment.

Current projects include research that demonstrates the effectiveness of body-centered and client-centered therapy and free care programs offering treatment opportunities to those persons who may be in great need of trauma resolution but are without the financial resources to afford
access to such services.