Michael's Gift  dedicated to healing from trauma
"Every age needs men and women 
 who will redeem the time
 by living with a vision of things 
 that are to be."
  Adlai Stevenson 

Michael's Gift is dedicated to the healing of the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual effects of trauma.  We believe that all persons possess an innate ability to heal, given the proper tools and resources. We hold that personal transformation creates the foundation for global change. We are committed to reducing the impact and recurrence of trauma in our world.

Michael’s Gift believes in the inherent wisdom of the body-mind to alleviate its own physical and emotional pain. Our goal is to empower the individual psyche to resolve the somatic, behavioral, and emotional manifestations of stress and trauma in order to foster
health, social harmony and well-being.

Given the profound relationship between stress and the immune system, Michael’s Gift is committed to the advancement of the science of psychoneuroimmunology. Among our objectives is, through research, to investigate and demonstrate the effectiveness of body-centered trauma resolution strategies, tracking their physical and psychological benefits.


Michael’s Gift facilitates the dissemination of information regarding the nature of trauma and how it impacts the individual, society and the global community. We offer lectures, seminars and workshops concerning the impact and resolution of traumatic experiences. We sponsor training in Holographic Memory Resolution® and other stress-resolving strategies for individuals and institutions.

Michael’s Gift provides trauma resolution therapy within, but not limited to, institutional settings including:  social service agencies, shelters, health care centers, correctional facilities and religious organizations. We seek to empower a broad spectrum of populations in need of trauma resolution.