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Dr. Mariko Tanaka, while teaching at San Francisco State University and sponsoring me for Holographic Memory Resolution workshops in San Francisco and Japan, once stated: “What has been discovered with HMR changes the psychopathology model. HMR enables us to see and address the memory-based origins of illness or pathology. You have found what my colleagues - Milton Erickson and David Cheek were anticipating: the body-component that reveals the logic and patterns of memory.” What we have confirmed in working with over 15,000 trauma survivors, including officers, rescue personnel from the Oklahoma City bombing, TWA Flight 800, the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, is that Holographic Memory Resolution gives us the capacity to actually map the origins and logic of pathology in memory and to “emotionally reframe” such events. Our research goal is to gauge and measure the actual effectiveness of this reframing process, though we have used it successfully in both inpatient and outpatient trauma and chemical dependency treatment centers since 1993.

We now understand from our preliminary observations that much that we label pathology has its origins in or is sustained by “state-bound” memory. We have gained great respect for the true power of this millisecond (“T-1”) of paused consciousness/memory encoding. Migraines, PMS, stress and accident-induced chronic pain, LPHS, nightmares and flashbacks from PTSD, depression imprinted and reinforced during suicide attempts, many auto-immune disorders, traumatization during medical treatment of a condition, overwhelming physical or emotional pain - a high percentage of all of these conditions have found relief in the application of HMR.

In order to better understand the efficacy and expedient nature of HMR, as well as to facilitate the introduction of Somatic Psychology and Energy Psychology into the various levels of health care, we are adhering to the necessary research protocols. Research has long been our goal, however, as seen in the seven-year development of our “memory mapping” software that enables the bodymind to demonstrate its wisdom and map the pathology of an illness or disorder. At its best, HMR empowers the bodymind to map the etiology and precise memory sequences that generated the distortions in the cells and meridians of the body that led to illness and dysfunction. The paradigm shift required to embrace this client-centered, body-centered technology requires a language that comprehends the bodymind as a quantum creation. With this new corrected appreciation for the creative power of perception, the capacity to impact our physiology by altering our states of consciousness becomes possible. Trauma, in fact, taught us this very possibility.

Over the past seven years we have quietly persisted in the development of an internet, wireless, web-based program that permits the HMR facilitator to record all memory details, to map the complex sequencing of all possible trauma memories, and to view the connection between illness and the specific physiological and energetic sites of encoding. We hope to demonstrate the adrenal and brainwave changes that occur with the effective reframing of memory. We have strong indicators that brainwave states and galvanic skin responses are consistently altered by the process.

We now view the bodymind as a living 3-D computer with the brain as the primary processor, and the cells and meridians of the body as the hard drive. We have about 1000 neurons per square inch for memory storage. Memory, therefore, is stored throughout the system and can be accessed through any of its “holonomic” fragments.  Memory in the bodymind is stored in a hologram-like manner, with each fragment providing access to the whole, but it is stored site-specifically. With our growing understanding of the neuroplasiticity of the brain, we have hope for healing and regeneration that we, previously, only dared to imagine.

Our work with so many clients over these last two decades has given us some new research parameters and mandates. We can now state, without a doubt, that “traditional medicine and psychology” will never fully understand eating disorders, for example, without embracing “energy psychology.” The reason for this is that the body dysmorphia and weight distortion perceived by the ED individual is primarily energy-based and is encoded in the unlimited weight capability of the meridians, not in the cellular weight of the physical body. In fact, for the eating disordered individual, they work inversely: the greater the weight perception encoded in the meridians, the more desperate the attempts to reduce the weight in the physical body - all to little or no avail. Findings of this nature have propelled us forward in our development of the appropriate research tools for demonstrating the power of memory-based pathology.

The implications and possible applications for this technology are extensive. By reframing the original traumatic injury and any underlying patterns, the Olympic athlete need not repeat the same error once it is corrected “subconsciously” through memory reframe. The majority of migraines do not require pharmacological intervention once we realize that the first migraine insured its holonomic perpetuation as a trance and reframe it and its early recurrences correctly. Our capacity to systematically map and “emotionally reframe” the trauma/depression history of the individual sees the unburdening and “lightening” of the bodymind and a reflective diminution in the neuro-vegetative symptoms of depression. The reframing of the original seizure or anxiety attack eliminates the need for its holonomic preservation in the psyche, thereby reducing the potential for recurrence. This offers a glimpse into the promise of this technology.

What  100,000 memories has confirmed is that the majority of our pathology is rooted in the logic hidden in the patterns of consciousness encoded protectively at moments of overwhelm from trauma. These patterns can be “mapped” and demand a certain protocol for their resolution and reintegration within the flow of consciousness. When resolved in a timely manner, this resolution can preempt the need for permanent physiological damage, because we have heeded the lessons of the “mind that rules the body.” The primacy of mind over body is hardly to be questioned at this point, given the cases and repeated demonstrations of the limitations and frequent failure of physiological and surgical interventions on memory-based “state-bound” pain. Nevertheless, for the new paradigm of the “Integrative Consciousness Model” to proceed, which honors all levels of intentionality and memory, the research must be presented, and it must be presented in an appropriate and timely manner. As we have reviewed in the literature, the “alphabet therapies” have, in the past, placed their claims before the proof. We have used this time to establish the research parameters and tools necessary to meet such requirements.

Our current goal is to draw upon the resources of Dr. James Kowal and other researchers who have been instrumental in publishing the primary studies for EMDR and other modalities. With internet wireless web-based technology, we can now collect data simultaneously from multiple sites and with multiple populations. Our research committee consists of the following and draws upon the talents, skills and insights of their respective disciplines:


Research Committee Members:
Brent Baum, STB, SSL, CAC, CCH
(Program Developer and Designer)
Wailua Brandman, APRN, CS, PMHNP
(Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner)
Mary Gaddy, MD 
Judy LeFevour, MA, LCPC
(Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor)


Research & Software Consultants:
Antoinette Kleinpeter, CH
(Software Testing)
James Kowal, PHD
(Research Consultant)
Jeanette Savage 
(Computer Technology Consultant)

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