Michael's Gift  dedicated to healing from trauma
Brent M. Baum STB, SSL, CAC, CCH
Board Chair
"Where is the love, beauty and truth 
 we seek,  but in our mind?."
                                       Percy B. Shelley
An Invitation from the Board Chair
Brent M. Baum,  STB, SSL, CAC, CCH

Our  Invitation:

We would like to express our gratitude to our old friends and supporters, and to those of you who now join with us to welcome this new paradigm of healing.

Michael’s Gift was founded to address the individual, societal, and global influence of trauma in our lives. The communication and technology revolution has greatly amplified our access and instantaneous exposure to trauma. With the deepening understanding of the impact of trauma on all aspects of the human psyche, a new model for integrative treatment and recovery is required.

Our pioneering work in the integration of the emergent fields of "Somatic (Body-Mind) Psychology” and “Energy Psychology” offers a new, highly effective approach for addressing the fragmentation of the psyche which occurs from trauma. Healing and transformation readily occur when we attend to the wisdom latent in both the cells and fields of the bodymind. Our focus has been the development and delivery of a “ client-centered” approach which fully empowers the client and enables the inherent genius of the bodymind to map for us the path to healing and wholeness. The discovery of the remarkable capacity of trauma survivors to store, preserve, and resolve traumatic imprinting combined with  a client-centered, body-centered approach that employed “emotional reframing.” enables us to offer new options for effective treatment and, ultimately, a new paradigm of care.

Our objective in these last seven years has been to assess the current state of health-care and treatment and to develop the tools and resources necessary to meet the challenges incumbent in such a paradigm shift.  Dialoging with leaders in the fields of energy psychology, trauma and dissociation, somatic psychology, traditional and integrative medicine, it became clear that a gap in the implementation of a fully integrated approach still exists. In spite of various claims by the medical profession and leading treatment centers advocating an “integrative wellness” approach to patient care, a latent skepticism and institutionalized demand for demonstrable proof of the effectiveness of such a paradigm continues to significantly restrict the implementation of such modalities. It is, therefore, incumbent upon us to provide such data within all of the requisite parameters to expedite the integration of this new paradigm of care.

We are pleased to announce the completion of a seven-year project involving the development of a software program that permits the mapping and demonstration of the logic involved in the bodymind’s encoding of memory and its subsequent pathology. With the capacity to demonstrate the complex “layering” of memories, we have the increased capacity to articulate the relationship between states of consciousness (“state-bound memory”) and their manifestation as pain and pathology in the bodymind. This mapping resource enables the detailed study of the interrelationship between specific events and their somatic presentation in the body. Witnessing the encoding of many thousands of traumatic memories, we have repeatedly seen in case after case, correlations between certain traumatic experiences and their manifestation as addiction, chronic pain, depression and illness. This capacity to map memory sequences also permits the viewing of patterns of relationship and the manifestation of both our conscious and unconscious intentions.

We now understand that trauma inserts its own protective intention, manifesting in the cells and fields of the bodymind. Our bodies, then, become the maps which reflect our various levels of intentionality. We begin to understand that on personal, relational, societal, corporate, governmental, and even global level, our vision improves as we free ourselves of the constraints of the “ego” and its source: trauma. Such “matrix” thinking is required to navigate the increasingly complex systems and relationships at home and at work. As we resolve the event-based restrictions imposed on our vision and choices, we are no longer restricted by “state-bound” memory and can perceive the whole as well as the parts. This capacity to perceive reality from the ‘higher’ or “holographic mind” enables us to diagnose and resolve both the intrapersonal and interpersonal obstacles, impacting our lives on all levels.

There is great hope in this emergent technology and its applications. We invite you to embrace your own inner wisdom and hope, assisting us by promoting this new standard of care. We are now bound in this undertaking to articulate and deliver the information necessary to move these breakthroughs forward -- to be implemented as normative for the treatment of the traumatized psyche. Your assistance in this undertaking, whatever form it takes, is much appreciated.

Our commitment of funding at this point is to the fulfillment of the research requirements for the demonstration and delivery of modalities such as “Holographic Memory Resolution,”® to the appropriate organizations and institutions in order to expedite our transition into this new paradigm of care. The information and links contained in this website will facilitate your participation and support in this historical undertaking. We express our sincere thanks to so many of you who have enabled us to launch this new healing effort.

To those of you who have experienced the effectiveness of these new protocols and modalities, opportunities to express your appreciation and support are available through the following link: Donations

With Light and Love,
Brent M. Baum
Board Chair